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English Breakfast

English Breakfast organic tea Pure Organic Ceylon Black Tea characterized as full-bodied, bold, malty & strong to match the protein-rich traditional English Breakfast, hence the name. Often enjoyed with milk & sugar. Tea initially drunk in the afternoon found its way to the Breakfast Table in 1892, when Robert Drysdale a Scottish tea master created the style of “Breakfast Tea”

Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast organic teaPure Organic Ceylon Black Tea commonly served with milk & sugar or with honey due to its robustness. Despite its name, Irish Breakfast is suitable for those who want to keep going throughout the day, with the stronger flavour and maltiness, than those in the English Breakfast Tea.

It is noteworthy to mention that Ireland is ranked number two in the world, in terms of per Capita Tea Consumption.

English Afternoon

English AfternoonPure Organic Ceylon Black Tea designed to complement rather than to mask the flavour of the afternoon meal composed of light sandwiches, pastries, biscuits, muffins, scones or cookies, cakes and mixed fruits depending on the season. English Afternoon Tea is often lighter than the Irish or English Breakfast Tea.

Concept of Afternoon Tea was introduced in the 1840s by Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford, and it became popular throughout the Edwardian Era.

Earl Grey

Earl Grey organic teaPure Organic Ceylon Black Tea, flavoured with a cold pressed essential oil from the rind of Bergamot Orange Fruit is meant to be served with or without milk. The flavour offsets the preponderance of calcium containing inorganic mineral in water, thus, negating any possible interference with the taste of the brew. Earl Grey-All Day could grace the dining table irrespective of the menu.

Green Tea Lemon

Green tea lemon organic teaAll the goodness of Pure Organic Ceylon Green Tea augmented with natural lemon grass flavour and lemon grass well known for health benefits, make it a perfect refreshing brew either Hot or Cold. Perfect for a feather-light feeling anytime of the day.

Herbs & Honey

Herbs and honeyHerbs Enriched with Honey Flavour – Wellness in abundance at your command, containing Organic rooibos, Organic eucalyptus, Organic fennel, Organic wild orange leaves, orange & honey flavour in it.

Fruit Berry

Fruit berry organic brewA beverage tasting out of this world for all moods and seasons, brewed hot or cold , containing Organic hibiscus, Organic goji berry, Organic goji juice concentrate, goji berry flavour, Organic sweet blackberry leaves, Organic red beet, Organic elderberries.

Loose Leaf

Loose leaf green and black teaWe also offer Loose Leaf Teas for the more traditional and ceremonial tea brewing. All grades of Black and Green teas are available in different packs.