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Teas & Infusions

The Wonder Stick

Tea stickWe offer world’s best “Ceylon Tea” in the most innovative award winning single cup tea infusing solution.

The perforated food grade foil is intentionally designed to diffuse the aroma and flavor of the teas and infusions as they were at the time of packing. The foil does not absorb any, thus, preserving the originality that the connoisseurs meant to delight you with.

The sticks are extremely safe being able to withstand a temperature of 121 degrees Celcius and reverse gravure printing.


Safe In and Out

The most precious living beings on earth deserve the safest of food & beverages. We are committed to envision “Smiling Communities”. As such Zenith Teas & Infusions offer only the best. All Teas and Infusions including all the natural flavours from Martin Bauer Group, Germany, are organic certified.

Organic Tea – GMO Free

OrganicThe organic tea is environmentally sustainable, is said to have a better taste and is GMO free.

GMO freeA bio distinctive mark on our packaging helps the consumer recognize that it is certified organic tea.

  • Our pledge is to go even further and offer you the tastiest, smartest and the CLEANEST teas
  • Clean cultivation (free from chemical fertilizer)
  • Clean conscience (ethically sourced)
  • Clean environment (no deforestation, low carbon footprint)
  • Clean color (bright amber or green without murkiness and sediment)
  • Clean aroma (appetizing smell of freshly harvested teas)
  • Clean taste (needs no further explanation)

History of Tea: As a Health Beverage

In 2737 BC, a few leaves of tea blown by chance into Chinese Emperor Shen Nung’s drinking water made a remarkable impact on man’s drinking habits. He found that the resulting brew was more pleasant to drink than hot water.

With this legendary discovery of tea, Emperor Shen was convinced that tea improved health and recommended it for various disease conditions. The Emperor claimed that tea was able to detoxify 72 different kinds of poison.

In those early days of tea, only the Emperor and the Royal Court Circles were privileged to enjoy tea, which was considered a medicinal drink.

In 1675, Thomas Garway offered tea for the first time to the public in his London coffee house with the following broadsheet advertisement of tea:

Thomas Garway tea broadsheet